crafting instagram captions

I’m a stickler for formatting when it comes to posting on social media. Right from the start, I like to have some kind of template so all my posts have a similar look and feel to them. This kind of consistency creates a sense of comfort and branding.

In a separate text document, I have these two segments:

fronkfidgets caption

fronkfeeds caption

I’ve basically created a template for myself, composed with a couple of elements.

  1. The portion above the five periods is where I actually write the caption.

  2. The five periods section is just a nifty little trick to push hashtags further down the caption post. I use a line break for each and every hashtag, which helps me organize and know which tags are being used without having to horizontally scan the post. Instagram doesn’t let you create new line breaks easily on the iPhone, so it’s a bit of a PITA when you’re writing the caption, the periods, and all the hashtags. Hence, the template.

  3. The hashtag section is pre-populated with “branding” hashtags. These hashtags are just ones I consistently use to identify my posts, and categorize the type of post I’m making. Depending on what the post is, I’ll add more general or granular, post-specific hashtags at the bottom. If it’s coffee I’m making or a bacon-wrapped tenderloin, I’ll add the proper hashtags to reflect that.

  4. If you’re using MacOSX, a nifty trick is to write your captions in the Notes app. If you have iCloud on, they’ll sync automatically to your phone. Copy and paste, instead of getting arthritis in your thumbs.

    You might find all of this incredibly OCD and/or amusing. It’s perfectly fine to “fuck it all”, blast the captions and hashtags in less than a minute in the Instagram app, and call it a day.